Super Easy and Super Powerful Proposal Software

With our extraordinary user-friendliness, you can create smart proposals quickly

Create stunning documents in a flash

Edit content instantly, use quick shortcuts for different text formats. Whatever you choose, it is always in line with your chosen company profile.

Drag-and-drop Templates and Banks

The templates ensure that your quote always looks good. With banks for product sheets, brochures and content boxes, and our simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly put together a new quote in no time at all.

Images to Suit Your Needs

Upload images and use them directly in your quote. They will be scaled and cropped automatically – you won’t have to do a thing!

Profile Management

Set the company profile, upload your logo and choose your colors, fonts and themes. We’ll apply your preferences consistently in all quotes, product sheets and other materials.

Never lose track of a quote again

A workflow that gives you total control over all your quotes


With the dashboard, you get a total overview of what happens to every quote. You can see which statistics on the month quotation you’ve completed and which ones are still active. This ensures that no quotation is lost or forgotten.

You can also conduct a simple search for specific quotes on customer names, quote numbers or other parameters.


See when the customer opens a quote, asks a question and accepts or rejects the offer. All event updates will go to your email so you won’t miss any important information.

Send quote online

Send your quote directly in Bidrik. The process is easy because you can trace what happens to the quote, and the customer can read it, send messages and accept or reject the offer online.

Team Features

Are you a small sales team, or is your entire sales organization divided into several offices? Bidrik accommodates both options.


Users have the option to set different access levels on their account. An account administrator can manage templates, images, product sheets, content boxes and other shared banks that users can then insert in their quotes.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with the common banks.

Shared quotes

Help each other out by editing or copying each other's quotes.

If you choose not to start from scratch, you can leave the quotes available for each other. The information regarding the new document owner will automatically link to the offer.

Technical Features

For developers and users with advanced needs


Do you need your quotation to flow with other systems?

For the time being, Bidrik provides an API that you can access upon request. Contact us for more information.