Stronger together!

Bidrik rocks proposals, Fortnox aces accounting. An unbeatable combination.

  • Create and send gorgeous proposals
  • See when customers open them
  • Automatic reminders follows up the customers
  • Chat with the customers directly
  • Orders or invoices are automatically created in Fortnox when the customers accept
  • The registers for customers and articles are automatically updated in both programs
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1. Professional Business Profiled Quotes

Create your quote in Fortnox or Bidrik — the result is a nice quote you can immediately send to the customer. With the Profile Manager, you can set up your business profile with just a few clicks. Articles and customer information are automatically saved in both Fortnox and Bidrik.

2. Track Your Quotes

Get information on when the recipient opened the quote, how many times he or she viewed it, and if any other recipients viewed the quote. Automatic statuses will keep you updated on your quotes.

3. Automatic Follow-Ups

With Bidrik, you help to close the quote with the customer by sending reminders. Reminders can be sent automatically.

  • A few days after the quote was sent, if the recipient still hasn’t open it
  • Halfway into the quote period, to keep the customer interested
  • A few days before the quote expires, to remind your customer

All reminders are sent via email with your email address as the sender.


Get quick responses. The recipient can ask questions in chat, directly in the quote, and accept the offer online. You may also choose whether the customer should sign via secure e-signing or simply accept with a “yes” button. You will immediately receive an email when the quote is accepted or e-signed.

5. Automatic Orders and Invoices

Create an order or invoice in Fortnox, directly from an accepted quote in Bidrik. The order or invoice has the same function as described in Fortnox, and is handled in the same way.


As a smaller company, there is never enough time. You must sell, deliver, support, and report. Fortnox is a modern accounting program that offers the most for you as an entrepreneur. By connecting Bidrik with Fortnox, you get a complete flow between closing sales and sending invoices. In addition, you will receive an automatic sales engine, from the sent quote to the subsequent order.

With the automatic follow-up feature, you can drive more potential deals simultaneously. Put your time into delivering complete orders, or find new business opportunities instead of doing administrative tasks and chasing customers who never return your calls. The result is more business.