Create Professional Proposals. Win More Deals.

  • Create proposals fast
  • Send online and track
  • Follow up automatically
  • Close with e-signing

Proposal Templates With Your Company Profile

Create client quotes, sales proposals, product sheets, and folders with our flexible templates — or upload your existing sales materials and combine them freely.

You can set up your business profile with just a few clicks. The sales documents on the account will be adjusted to these settings.

Bidrik will be your sales hub, where you create and store everything you send to your customers. It will help you close your deals fast.


Send Online and Track What Happens

Send sales quotes and proposals online, directly to the customer. See when they are opened, how much is read, and for how long. Set up automatic reminders.

  • A few days after the quote was sent, if the recipient still hasn’t open it
  • Halfway into the quote period, to keep the customer interested
  • A few days before the quote expires

Bidrik works as your automated digital sales assistant, and processes your customers’ orders without having to spend much time or thought on the matter.

Never Forget to Follow Up on a Deal Again

With a clear dashboard and real-time stats, you're making progress. Do not lose business — get alerts when quotes and contracts are about to expire.

Regardless of whether you are a solo entrepreneur, working in a small team, or serving as a sales rep in a large organization with offices in multiple locations, you're always in control.

Close Much Faster

Chat with the customer directly in the proposal, send instant updates, and accept or get an e-signature online — at the same time you and your customer agree on the deal.

Accept & Sign | 13/07/24 | 01:47 PM

"Bidrik has been a huge step forward for us here at BIMO"

- Jimmy Lundegård, CEO at BIMO

BIMO uses Bidrik to succeed with their campaigns, and client proposals. By automating this part of the sales process, they can process customers faster and more efficiently. Bidrik also serves as a central point for all product sheets, images and templates.